SlimGen and You, Part ADD AL, [RAX] of N

The question does arise though, when using SlimGen and writing your SSE replacement methods, what kind of calling convention does the CLR use? The CLR uses a version of fastcall »

SlimGen and You, Part ADD [EAX], EAX of N

So previously we delved into one of the nastier performance corners on the .Net framework. Today I’m going to introduce you to a tool, that is in development currently »

SlimGen and You, Part ADD [EAX], AL of N

Imagine you could have the safety of managed code, and the speed of SIMD all in one? Sounds like one of those weird dreams Trent has, or perhaps you are »

Playing With The .NET JIT Part 4

As noted previously there are some cases where the performance of unmanaged code can beat that of the managed JIT. In the previous case it was the matrix multiplication function »

Author image Washu

Playing With The .NET JIT Part 3

Integrating unmanaged code into the managed platform is one of the problem areas with the managed world. Often times the exact costs of calling into unmanaged code is unknown. This »

Author image Washu